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Help for electronic market B2B "E-bearings"

This market forms the database for bearings and their accessories (Bodies, Adapter sleeves etc.). It provides the possibility for a direct reservation of the products offered. In case of product shortage, it is possible to make direct enquiries at the suppliers (partners) offering their bearings at the market.

The Market serves to:

1./ Retailed consumers (final customers), interested in buying the bearings.

2./ Businessmen (partners), interested to buy and/or offer their bearings at the market and who have already fulfilled the conditions required (registration, documents etc.).

Entry instructions - brief description

In the course of the introductory entry, both groups of customers must register on the registration form first. They will create their own password, which will than be used during all further login.

After the registration is completed, you will have to login by the chosen name and password.

Following the entry on the market site the dialog box "Customer card" with your data will appear. Filled-in data can be additionally modified by clicking on the reference "Data modification"

In the left section, you will find the "Menu". Here, the various references such as the "Bearing catalogue", "Bearing selection", "Customer card", "Shopping basket", Orders issued", "Inquiry issued", "Enter inquiry", and "Write to us" are available for entry.

1. "Bearing catalogue" is merely the aid for quick determination of the bearing type. It does contain its drawing with main dimensions (after clicking on the picture, drawing scale is enlarged). After clicking on the bearing group, (for example 223) the program will search the database for all bearings containing this chain.

2. "Bearing selection" is one of the key functions. Enter the bearing type or its part in the Selection/Search window, preferably without the spaces between the letters and/or the numbers. It does not matter, if you use small or capital letters.
If you are not sure about the correct order of the characters (e.g. 22313MN or 22313NM), better enter the shorter chain. The outcome will be perhaps a lager selection of the bearings, but you will eliminate omitting of some bearing type entries although they are included in database.
Selected bearings may be sorted-out in the ascending or descending order by clicking on the arrow in the column "Product designation".
At the right side of the entry is a frame, intended for the indication of the number of items you want to order. This way you can order arbitrary quantities of items even from different suppliers on the first page of this entry. ATTENTION! Before moving to the next page, do not forget to click on the button "Add to the basket"; otherwise, the selected items will be deleted and you will have to go back to the first page and to re-enter the required items once more. Naturally, the items selected in the basket can be always deleted any time, until before the generated order is sent!
This way you can review all the pages opened and by adding into the basket, select another bearings.
It is possible to review other bearing types, make your selection, and add the selected bearings into the basket.

3. "Customer card" is described in the introduction.

4. "Shopping basket" serves as a collection pocket for selected bearings and facilitates the following step review and the eventual modification/changes of the selected bearings before the order is prepared. These bearings listed therein will be grouped resulting in the number of individual orders equal to the number of their corresponding suppliers.
If you are satisfied with your selection (or made your modifications), click on the button "Create order to Supplier". The order form will than appear; confirm it and send it to supplier by clicking on the button "To order".

5. "Orders issued" is the file with the orders, you have sent. By clicking on the reference: "Order number", the order will appear and you can print it. By clicking on the reference: "Supplier (company)" the relevant supplier card will be opened.

6. "Inquiry issued" is the file with the inquiries, you have sent. There is a similarity with the "Orders issued".

7. "Enter inquiry" is the form intended to assist in writing your inquiry and sending it out to all the business partners in the market segment, who, although they do not have required bearings ready in stock now, have the potential to acquire them and to provide you with price and delivery date in short time.

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